Song to listen to while reading this: Best Day by Taylor Swift




“I went through my first breakup last year. We lived together so after we broke up, I had no where to go. I immediately called my mom crying and she booked the next flight out to Vancouver. We got an air bnb together and we should lay by me as I cried for days.

One day, I started crying around dinner time. I told her that he would drive me out to a cafe in downtown every night and I missed the cafe’s food. So she grabbed my hand and walked 40 minutes until we reached that same cafe so I could get my favourite dinner. She did this despite having a bad leg- I could see the whole walk there that she was in pain but all she cared about was showing me that I could do it all without him.

That night I realized that what I lost can no way be compared to what I am blessed to have in my life.”

Quote has been edited for clarity. 

Featured Image by Muhammad Salah