Legibility is important, it’s why font matters. And for that reason, I decided I was going to focus on that. Sometimes it’s the little things that change a whole lot. A small cog in the system, but without it, the system would fail. This week, I decided I was going to increase my font-size from 18 to 19.

Why the 5% increase? Well it turns out on large screen devices, smaller fonts just become increasingly difficult to read. And because today, most people use larger devices, I decided to increase the size just a tad bit to help accommodate that extra screen real estate and help with the legibility.

While this seems redundant on paper, pragmatically this not only reduces eye-sore from reading little text on screens, it also boosts viewer comfort thus allowing users to spend more time on the page.

Improvements don’t necessarily have to come in big packages, sometimes it’s the tiny aesthetic details that set good apart from great. You never know, which aspect of aesthetic sells the most, which is why catering to a larger audience is always a better case scenario, than not paying attention to the tiny details at all.

Featured Image by Skyesartworks