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POSIEL Process Posts

Week 8: If I’m being honest

No song for this week because I felt like this is important. Let’s put away the “perfect student” facade for a few minutes and just have a heart to heart. This week has been rough.. to say the least. With making room for assignments, classes, my job, my other job, extra job applications, and looking …

POSIEL Process Posts

Week 7

Recently, I received a peer review from Be a Balanced Badass so I decided to spend this week implementing them. As soon as I read the review, I noticed her biggest criticism was against my wallpaper because the wallpaper I had could “take the focus away from the actual posts and can make certain words harder to read”. As I wrote on my last …

Peer Review POSIEL

Peer Review 2

This week, I reviewed Tiffany’s blog “Be A Balanced Badass” based on the design of her blog. Theme and customizationsThe theme that she chose has a lot of white space, which is beneficial in making the design seem clean and concise. The white space ensures that her posts are the main attraction of the blog …