Song to listen to while reading this: Holding out for a hero by Bonnie Tyler



“You probably saw me in a movie, or on the internet, oh you haven’t? Well there’s not much to tell. Genius, billionaire, playboy etc. I manufactured weapons at Stark Industries, a company built by my father. Until I was in Iraq demonstrating weapons when someone hijacked my van and decided to almost kill me with my own weapons. Yeah, not fun.

Anyways, one concussion later, I found myself waking up in a cave with a hole in my chest, not my worst hangover surprisingly. My terrorist captivators wanted me to make them a missile so I made a suit of armor instead and busted my way out.

Long story short, I thought hey, the armor thing wasn’t bad, maybe I’ll do some upgrades and we could have a functioning solution to world crisis. Thus the Iron Man armors.

That shiny round thing in my chest? Electromagnet. It keeps me alive, also a grim reminder of the kind of people that need to be eradicated from this world. Well that’s it for me, if there’s anything you want to take away from this, “Sometimes you gotta run, before you can walk.”

Featured Image by Facets x Helmetica