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I first heard about Just Add Sugar during the speed dating rounds. As someone who loves food, the idea of a baking blog really excited me. Not only was I excited about the content, I was also thrilled about the choice of title. “Just add sugar” is simple, yet gets straight to the point of the blog.

At first glance of the Just Add Sugar page, it seemed simple and chaotic at the same time. The very first post on the home screen was “Cake anyone?” and showed up as a giant incomprehensible link.
Though I understand the need for color in a food blog, the background of her blog is bright and tends to overshadow her posts. Adding images of the food she creates on the homepage would definitely add that pop of colour she is looking for.
That being said, this only means she has the potential to really make her designs stand out!

Upon actually reading the first post, I was pleasantly surprised. She starts off by explaining why she is writing this post and her personal connection (she loves cake), then gives the recipe. The post is short, sweet, and well-read.
In one of her first posts titled “Stranger Danger”, she gives the audience her background and tells a story about not being able to talk to strangers. This gives the audience the means of connecting with her by understanding her own story.
Though I would have preferred to have seen at least one or two more food posts as her theme is food, the one she has posted is definitely a good read!

Online Self
Throughout the website, she does a fairly decent job of establishing her online self. Her posts tend to share somewhat personal stories, which helps the audience understand her. An “About” or FAQ section would help her further develop what she has already started.
Though she tells personal stories, there is an aspect of distance in her posts where she does not truly give away who she really is. For example, in her vision board. This can be explained by the concept of Self Boundary. According to John Suler’s Online Disinhibition Effect, “Self-boundary is the sense of what is me and what is not me. It’s the experience of a flexible perimeter marking the distinction between my personality – my thoughts, feelings, and memories – and what exists outside that perimeter, within other people”. This might be what she is aiming for her online-self to be, or it might just be her fear of what she knows of herself versus what others know of her.

Personally, I cannot wait to watch Just Add Sugar grow and develop as she has so much potential to achieve her dream food blog.

Please take a look at the Just Add Sugar website yourself, learn from lovely recipes, and leave some positive some reviews!

Featured Image by Eyl├╝l