This week, I reviewed Tiffany’s blog “Be A Balanced Badass” based on the design of her blog.

Theme and customizations
The theme that she chose has a lot of white space, which is beneficial in making the design seem clean and concise. The white space ensures that her posts are the main attraction of the blog and do not overshadow the posts. That being said, there are irregularities in terms of featured images and with a theme that displays that featured image on the homepage, it becomes chaotic to view when some posts have images and others are just titles.
One of the best parts of her blog is the subscription widget on the sidebar. It makes the page feel less empty and I would suggest adding more widgets or content to the sidebar.

In terms of typography, the post font is perfect for the content she is creating- it is sophisticated, yet comforting. The title font and all lower-case layout really shows the aesthetic of her blog- it shows her audience that her blog is lighthearted and personal. There really is nothing she could be doing better with the typography.

Layout and site structure
Tiffany chose to have six different categories on the menu. Though this shows her understanding of categories, the abundance of choice in the homepage can be overwhelming. Using sub-categories and organizing her posts under 2-3 main categories on the menu could help clean up the homepage.

Social media integration
She has attempted to incorporate her Instagram and Spotify accounts to her blog- Not only are they visible on the home page, but they are one of the first few things that catch the eye when looking at the homepage. The simple use of logos as buttons/hyperlinks add depth to the home screen. The Instagram button works perfectly, but the Spotify button is faulty and leads to a page full of coding.

Usability of the site is one of the areas that need the most improvement. A few of the pages simply do not work. For example, the About Me just states “non-existent” and the Spotify button leads to a page full of coding. Whilst most of the pages on the blog are polished, there are still a few pages that could use improvement, which includes repairing the actual page.  

Overall Design
The simplistic design of the blog shows that Tiffany prioritizes the content of her blog over the design of her blog, which is perfectly fair. But according to the design machines reading, “Content drives design and design augments the content”. Travis Gertz explains that the best way to reach your audience is by intertwining the design with the content. With that in mind, focusing on making the design more user-friendly and would help Tiffany’s blog reach great potential.

Please take a look at Be A Balanced Badassyourself and make sure you subscribe to keep up to date with her content!

Featured image by rawpixels