This week, I reviewed Ailin’s blog Aylin Gis. Looking at the titles of her blog posts, her website is a fashion and lifestyle blog. I am aware that her menu has an option for photography, but that page only features one post so majority of her posts are centred around the lifestyle category instead.

As this peer review is meant to be based on the audience and reviewed from the perspective of an audience member of her blog, I immediately went to the “About” section to understand who her audience exactly was. I noticed that her About page follows a similar aesthetic to the rest of the blog- simplistic, straightforward and orderly. Upon further investigation, I believe her target audience is those looking for fashion and life advice. I believe teenagers and young adults, and predominently females would be interested in the content Ailin has chosen to produce.

The design of her homepage is calming, yet attracts your attention. I personally loved the fact that she used featured images that collaborated well together so her homepage looks inviting for her audience. She’s used featured images for all the blog posts, with the exception of formal assignments. This not only easily helps differentiate categories on the homepage, but also attracts the eyes to the blog posts at first glance. Her blog has an abundance of white space, which adds an element of sophistication and elegance.

To add the sophistication point, her content follows that same rule of thumb. I appreciate that she is following a theme with her design and content- simple yet elegant, I would call it. Her Micro is the new Macro post is simplistic but visually stunning. I was absolutely in awe, despite not being interested in fashion whatsoever.

The layout, images, blank space used, and titles of her blog posts give Ailin’s blog a “perfect” feel… a little too perfect. It seems like she is only portraying what she wants people to believe about her life, rather than the ugly truth of everyone’s life. Which is perfectly alright if that is what she willing to share with her audience- only the perfect aspect, but it is also important to understand that “the world around us is increasingly mediated by screens and our understanding of it defined by digital information”, according to Kalev Leetaru‘s reading.

Featured Image by Muhammed Salah´╗┐