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POSIEL Process Posts

Week 9: Gotta catch ’em all

This week, I had the pleasure of reading Pokemon as transmedia storytelling and when I say pleasure, I mean that. Understanding something as complex as transmedia through something relatable from my childhood is the best way to help one understand a concept I was previously not aware of. I think everyone can agree that readings …

POSIEL Process Posts

Bigger & Better

Legibility is important, it’s why font matters. And for that reason, I decided I was going to focus on that. Sometimes it’s the little things that change a whole lot. A small cog in the system, but without it, the system would fail. This week, I decided I was going to increase my font-size from …

POSIEL Process Posts

Week 7

Recently, I received a peer review from Be a Balanced Badass so I decided to spend this week implementing them. As soon as I read the review, I noticed her biggest criticism was against my wallpaper because the wallpaper I had could “take the focus away from the actual posts and can make certain words harder to read”. As I wrote on my last …