This week in lecture, we discussed the power of comments. We discussed how Justine Socco’s life changed after one tweet. Normally, I would agree with everyone who tore her apart after an insensitive comment, but this week’s lecture taught me…is that really necessary?

She made a mistake, sure. But with the internet being so prevalent in today’s society, everyone’s mistakes are made bigger than they actually are. I imagine everyone has made mistakes that they are now ashamed of, but to have your life ruined because of that is extreme, to say the least.

The Internet has created a space where people team up and fight for their beliefs. Whilst this is an amazing concept, this can be considered dangerous in situations like these. Had only one person been upset about her tweet, her life and career would not be ruined today. The mass amounts of people who stood together against her made the huge impact that eventually destructed her.

This also makes me wonder, are we forgetting the more important things in life in an attempt to be social justice warriors? How many of us are worrying about poverty, or natural disasters? Could our time be spent trying to find solutions for these very real problems instead of tearing apart someone who just made a mistake?

Guess we will never know.

Featured Image by Mel