Song to listen to while reading this: Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys

This week, was all about the design of my blog. Last week, I just attempted to get a working blog where I could start writing. Though I got a working blog up, it was frankly quite unattractive. Whilst reading W. Gardner Campbell’s A Personal Cyberinfrastructure, I realized that I had the ability to design just about anything I wanted with the use of templates- something that people did not have the option of before. I really chose to embrace this and attempt the best website possible, starting with design.

The first step was choosing a theme. The abundance of theme options was overwhelming, to say the least. After searching through about 50 themes, I finally came across one that fit the personality of my blog. Blossom Pin by Blossom Themes had everything I was looking for; an option to use my own header on top, a slider with recent posts, all posts showed on the home screen.

I then created a header and background using the blog’s colors and theme to personalize my blog. They were both created on a designing website called Canva.

Header for Seven Thousand Miles
Background for Seven Thousand Miles

Once the background and header were set, I was well on my way to being satisfied with the design of my blog. I chose to add black borders around my images, and learned how to do so from this video.

As Gardner mentions, the ability to create a cyberinfrastructure is at our fingertips- I have learned through designing my website that that could not be more true. It has become so simple for us to be imaginative in today’s world, it is a shame that not more people take advantage of our benefits.

Featured Image: Shooting stars by Jessica Durrant