Song to listen to while reading this: The internet is down by THE MUSICAL Ft Thomas Sanders


What would you do if you had an hour of internet left?

What started out as a means to share information, transformed into so much more, it became a place of self-expression, a platform to present yourself, or to sit back and enjoy watching the world spin on this idealistic reality. A place where even the most alienated communities could bathe in the limelight, where our personas could define us and not our imperfections, where we are not governed, judged, and forced to be somewhere we don’t want to be. It’s almost strangely saddening to think what I would do if I only had an hour of it left.

A lot of people would argue on what to do in the end, download all your favorite shows and movies? Sell all your internet-based products? Delete your facebook account? There’s almost a lifetime of information stored on the internet. But for me, I think I would like to end it with saying goodbye to all the friendships that I’ve made along the way. Especially to those online friends, to them, who are we except for the personas that we’ve defined for them to interpret? To be completely disconnected from the internet would almost seem like death to them, never to be seen and heard from again. Only remembered by the contributions, comments, likes, thoughts, and content left behind, strangely mimicking what it would be like to actually die. It almost seems unreal to think that you could actually die twice in one life, sounds like something straight out of a sci-fi movie.

I wouldn’t be able to picture a morning where I wake up and not look at the latest posts on Instagram, or follow up on what my favorite poet is doing, or see the latest videos on youtube. I’d just be, in the real world, with real people and real relationships and real objects. But so what?

“Just because it’s ‘all in your head’, doesn’t make it less real.”

J.K Rowling