Song to listen to while reading this: Waving Through a Window by Dear Evan Hansen cast


When I first started creating my blog, my inspiration was Humans Of New York. I thought that this would give me an opportunity to find inspiration for my poetry blog, as one of the most difficult challenges was finding what to write about.

Because I always had a clear idea of the direction to take this blog, I decided at the very beginning that my audience would be searching for something relatable and comforting. The purpose of my blog is to encourage people to learn about the people around us in order to create a more united world, may it even be from their own bedroom. I am fully aware that not everyone feels comfortable going up to strangers and learning their story, but I think it is important to understand everyone has a story that we can relate to in some way, though we may never get the courage to ask them about it. So this blog is that middle space- where we can learn about other people and how similar we really are, without the uncomfortable action of asking them ourselves. The searching for their own public space reading states “[People] find social media appealing because it […] provides an opportunity to be a part of a broader public world while still situated physically in their bedroom”.

Since my audience was clear, I never struggled with the contents of the blog- I believe the stories I am posting help with my intention and grab the attention of my audience. What I did struggle with, was the design. How could I make the design of the blog feel “relatable and comforting” for my audience? The design of my blog at the beginning of this week looked too cluttered. The peer review I received this week stated “I would recommend is choosing a more simplistic background wallpaper”, so I decided to implement her recommendation. I chose a background that felt more relaxing, in comparison to the last one. Hopefully this simple change will make the blog reach my goal of being a comfortable space.

Background image by Lorraine Hamper.
Featured image by Lou Patrick Mackay