Recently, I received a peer review from Be a Balanced Badass so I decided to spend this week implementing them. As soon as I read the review, I noticed her biggest criticism was against my wallpaper because the wallpaper I had could “take the focus away from the actual posts and can make certain words harder to read”. As I wrote on my last process post, I decided to change the wallpaper as a part of my need to make the design flow harmoniously with the content, rather than just “screaming out”.

The simple change helped me realize how much further I could take my blog and the potential my blog had. So this week I continued taking her advice. Another one of her points was that my blog had an obvious theme with a color palette (mostly blue, purple, black- very galaxy aesthetic) but not all the featured images follow the same aesthetic. There are a few that unfortunately stick out like a sore thumb so I spent my week finding artwork that fit into my theme. I was able to change all of the photos so my entire blog looks more hamornois now, with the exception of one post. Unfortunately, I could not find anything to replace the Iron Man image with for the Superhero mini assignment. My goal is to eventually find have all my featured images fit into my theme, but today is not that day because Iron Man obviously does not want to cooperate.

Speaking of continuity and theme, I also realized that I have not been adding “song to listen to while reading this” sections on all my posts. I made a decision that I wanted that feature in all my posts, or none of them. I went through added the media feature from Elementor into all of my posts, with the exception of formal assignments. Hopefully I will continue to follow the format for my posts as I realized how important this could be.