No song for this week because I felt like this is important.

Let’s put away the “perfect student” facade for a few minutes and just have a heart to heart. This week has been rough.. to say the least. With making room for assignments, classes, my job, my other job, extra job applications, and looking for apartments, I got spread far too thin this week. My anxiety has been at an all time high- something that has not happened in over a year and I felt like the world around me was becoming smaller.

So I did not make any updates to my blog this week. I’m not proud of it and I have no excuses, just the fact that I chose to put my mental health before an assignment for once. I didn’t even feel like talking to strangers, which is what I LOVE to do. To be honest, I feel terrible even writing this post because anyone who knows me know how important assignments are to me- to the point where pushing through even when my body was begging me to stop got me to this position. Why do we do that? Why do I do that?

But I do not regret it. I could not have made a simple change to this blog even if I wanted to, without putting pressure on my already degrading mental health.

So here’s to honesty this week and accepting that I just could do what I promised myself and this blog.

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