This week, I had the pleasure of reading Pokemon as transmedia storytelling and when I say pleasure, I mean that. Understanding something as complex as transmedia through something relatable from my childhood is the best way to help one understand a concept I was previously not aware of.

I think everyone can agree that readings can get tedious and no one wants to do them week after week. But using concepts, like pokemon, to gain the attention of readers is the ideal solution to get students reading again (with interest, obviously).

Transmedia storytelling, put simply, is telling a single story over various platforms. The article uses pokemon cards, the anime, and the gameboy game as few of the many examples Pokemon has used Transmedia storytelling to appeal to various different audiences who may not be connected in any way other than the fact that they have access to some sort of Pokemon.

While I appreciate learning a new term through enjoyable and relatable content, I also understand that using transmedia storytelling may not be right for my blog. But more readings like this one please! I want to back to enjoying learning, not doing it because I have to.